Women Empowerment Programme

Second Phase Consultation Meeting with Federation Members
On 12th July 2017 the Second Phase Consultation Meeting with Federation Members was held at KROSS Training Cum Resource Centre. 26 Federation Members, 39 WEP Coordinators and Animators participated in it. Fr. Faustine Lobo, National Director, Pontifical Mission Organization was the resource person for the day.

The Consultation Meeting began with a prayer song sung by BDSSS Team Belgaum. Then Ms Sudhamani, Coordinator JVSSS welcomed all present for the meeting. This followed the lighting of the lamp by Fr. Sebastian Fernandes, Director KROSS, Fr. Faustine Lobo, Sr. Nancy Lobo and 14 Federation Representatives from the 14 DSSSs. Giving his introductory words, Fr. Sebastian Fernandes, Director, KROSS said that as per decision made in the First Phase Consultation Meeting held on 13th December 2016, we have called for this meeting after 6 months. In the past 6 months the concentration was on strengthening the existing federations. Now we need to focus on the formation of State Level Federation. Fr. Faustine Lobo, resource person of the day divided the participants into 4 region wise groups and gave 2 questions for discussion – Benefits received from the Federation and steps taken for strengthening the Federations in the past 6 months.

Building on the responses from the group discussion, and emphasising the need and importance of the State Level Federation, Fr. Faustine finally presented the Organogram:




Taluk Okkoota

District Okkoota

State Okkoota

Once again the participants were divided into 5 groups and given the following 3 questions to discuss and report.
1. Why State Level Federation? (SLF)
2. How to form and maintain SLF? What is to be done?
3. What are your expectations?

As an outcome of the above exercise, the participants agreed on the need of State Level Federation and decided to form the same consisting of 2 representatives from 14 DSSSs. This followed by the decision to meet in November 2017, what need to be done in the next meeting and what each DSSS will do in the 4 months.

The Consultation Meeting ended with the vote of thanks by Mr. Jagadeesh, Coordinator, SMSSS. The days programme was moderated by Mr. Hrischandra, Coordinator, KDDC.

Review Meeting
The Review meeting of Women Empowerment Programme supported by Misereor was held on the 13th and 14th July 2017 at KROSS Training Cum Resource Centre. 14 Coordinators and 27 Animators participated in it. The Review Meeting began with the exercise of cross study of the past 4 months work report based on certain guide lines/questions given by the WEP State Level Programme Officers. The DSSS studying the report was instructed to write down their appreciation, comments and areas for improvement to the concerned DSSS. The purpose of this exercise was to make the Review Meeting effective, a learning experience and give appropriate direction and guidance to each DSSS Field Staff. After this exercise each DSSS was given the time to make a presentation of their 4 months report followed by presentation of comments and suggestions by the DSSS staff who studied their report in advance. Then time was given for comments and suggestions for other participants. The State Level Programme Officers and Fr. Sebastian, Director KROSS also gave their suggestions and comments for each DSSS. KROSS State Level Programme Officers Mr. Raj Shekar, Mrs. Annie Anitha and Mr. Varghese took turns to moderate the Work Report Presentations.

This followed by drawing up and presentation of Action Plan for the next 5 months (July to November 2017). We also evaluated the Internal Evaluation exercise held in April & May 2017.