Women Empowerment Programme

Zonal Level Workshop
The Zonal Level Workshop for the Women Empowerment Programme field staff for the year 2018 was organised in two batches. The first workshop was held on 24th & 25th January at “Bellary Diocese Development Society” (BDDS), Ballari and 38 Staff from 6 DSSSs (BDDS, BDSSS, BMSSS, MSSS, ORBIT & SMSSS) participated in it. The second workshop was organised at “Organization for the Development of People” (ODP), Mysuru on the 07th & 08th February and 38 Staff from the 8 DSSSs (CMSSS, CODP, DKRDS, JVSSS, KDDC, KIDS, ODP & Sampada) participated.

The main focus of the Zonal Level Workshop was to review the activities and results of the year 2016 -17:
• The Programmes conducted as per the 3 objectives of the project
• Results/Impact of the programmes conducted
• Best practises and case studies recorded during these two years
• Challenges faced in implementing the programme
• Strategies for overcoming those challenges
• Strategies for effective & creative project implementation in the 3rd year
• Action plan for the achievement of the targets as per the 3 set objectives and indicators by December 2018
• Assessment of the documents maintained under the project

All the 14 DSSSs made a brief presentation based on the above guidelines. After each presentation, sufficient time was given to the participants to complement, clarify, assess and suggest strategies for improvement. Thus the workshops were interactive and participatory with ample opportunity for cross learning.

Rev. Fr. Sebastian Fernandes, Director KROSS and the State Level Programme Coordinators facilitated the workshops.

We are grateful to the Directors and the Teams of BDDS, Ballari and ODP, Mysuru for organizing the workshops, providing the facilities required and ensuring productive training programme.