The Youth of a Nation are the Trustees of Posterity
As KROSS enters its 35th year, it gives us an opportunity to retrospect and question ourselves whether we could have done something more or differently to bring solace and comfort to the least of our brethren. If so, then we have to reflect on the words of Pope Leo XIII who said, "When there is a question of protecting the rights of individuals, the poor and helpless have a claim to special consideration". The CBCI has also been emphasizing that the Church commits herself to the liberation of the weaker sections, reach out to the unorganized groups, engage in advocacy and networking with like-minded groups and cooperate with the Government to improve the life of the poor and marginalized.

Even after 70 years of independence, our beloved Motherland still needs to be free from a lot of oppressive and divisive structures that prevent growth and development of the poor and the marginalized. Reasons are many and challenges are several but the Church in India has been in the forefront to alleviate misery of the needy downtrodden brothers and sisters and KROSS has played a major role in this regard since 35 years. The youth of our country being our tomorrow, we need now, more than ever before to concentrate on the empowerment of our youth to bring out the best in them for their own development and that of the country by motivating them to accept Gospel values and human virtues so that while forming them to be leaders of our society, we can confidently entrust to them our society that needs to grow in harmony, unity and prosperity and the Church which is the sign and symbol of peace continually proclaiming God's Kingdom of truth and justice. The Church in India is conscious of the youth potential in the building up of our country only if we succeed in building them through right values and challenges. Therefore we must draw our attention to what our beloved Holy Father Pope Francis has wisely said, "Young people do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you! Do not be afraid to dream of great things! We did not come to this world to vegetate or to take it easy but to leave a mark. But when we opt for ease and convenience then we end up losing our freedom". KROSS therefore needs to take up this challenge of building our youth and empowering them as well.

My sincere thanks to the General Body and Governing Board Members of KROSS for their support and counsel which helps in bringing the required change in implementing our programmes. The support of our National & International Donors, State & Central Government goes a long way in fulfilling our vision and aspirations. The transformation that we see today in the field is the handiwork of the fourteen Diocesan Social Work Directors and their Staff and we salute them for their perseverance and determination. The dedication of the Director, KROSS and Team needs a special word of praise as they are the ones who work behind the scenes to make things happen.

I once again take this opportunity to thank one and all and assure of my prayers at all times. God bless each one of us and make us worthy workers in His vineyard.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Gerald Lobo
President – KROSS & Bishop of Udupi Back