"Be the change that you wish to see in the world"
Research has found that age 34 is the happiest of our lives on an average and an KROSS steps into its 34th year, it makes us all proud that KROSS and its 14 Diocesan Social Service Societies have been able to contribute their mite in making a difference in the lives of poor and marginalized section of our society.

Karnataka has been facing a drought like situation for the past four years and this year the Government declared all the districts as drought hit. In my message last years I had Suggested that we work towards just distribution of water for agriculture so that rich land holders do not invest in water guzzling crops. The year 2016 was declared as International year of Pulses and we have to question ourselves to know if we did enough to promote pulses among the farming community. We all know that pulses crops are one of the most sustainable crops a farmers can grow. it takes just 365 litres of water to produce one kilogram of pulses, compared with 1805 litres for soybeans and 3070 litres for peanuts.

Why pulses crops are so important in today's scenario:
• Pulses provide a vital source of plant-based proteins and amino acids for people around the globe,ensuring food security.
• As part of a healthy diet high in fibre, pulses fight obesity and help manage certain chronic diseases.
• Pulses are an important source of plants – based protein for livestock.
• Pulses pull nitrogen from the air into the soil, increasing soil fertility.
• Pulses use less water than most other proteins crops, making them a sustainable agriculture choice .

To fulfil the objectives of International Year of Pulses 2016, we could:
• Raise awareness on the important role of pulses in sustainable food production and their contribution to food security and nutrition.
• Promote usage of pulses and create awareness on their benefits for combating malnutrition and increasing soil fertility through crop rotation.

The General Body and Governing Board Members of KROSS with their astute understanding have been of immense support with their counsel which has helped KROSS in implementing the various programs undertaken .I thank each one of them and request their guidance in the future as well.

The National & International Donors, State & Central Government and a hoard of well-wishers have been instrumental in aiding us to successfully carry out our mission and I take this opportunity to thank them and assure them of them of my prayers.

My sincere thanks to the 14 Diocesan Social Work Directors and their staff whose constant endeavours at the grassroots have helped our most marginalized brethren to receive their just dues and without whom the programs could not have succeeded. I also place on my sincere appreciation to the KROSS Director & staff for their dedicated service and for having hand held the 14 Diocesan partner Organizations in their journey of employment of the grassroots communities.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Gerald Lobo
President – KROSS & Bishop of Udupi Back