KROSS Governing Board Meeting – 29th November 2017

The KROSS Governing Board Meeting was held on 29th November 2017 at Mangaluru which was hosted by The Canara Organization for Development of People (CODP). The meeting commenced with a prayer lead by Rev. Fr. Staney D’Almeda, Director, ODP, Mysuru.

Rev. Fr. Oswald Monteiro, Director, CODP welcomed the Archbishop, Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras who had made it a point to attend the meeting to provide inputs on certain issues, Most Rev. Dr. Gerald Lobo, Bishop of Udupi and President, KROSS, the Director, KROSS, Diocesan Social Work Directors, the Board Members, Mr. Baby Isaac, Auditor, M/s Philipos & Co., and the staff of KROSS.

The Archbishop spoke at length on the issue of Goods & Service Tax and said that every activity should be carried out under the gambit of the law and we should fulfil all the statutory requirements. The Auditor also supplemented on the remarks of the Archbishop and issued proper guidelines on the accounting procedure that has to be followed.

Most Rev. Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo – President, KROSS and Bishop of Udupi thanked the Archbishop and the Auditor for their guidance and advice. He then once again welcomed all the participants and especially Fr. Michael Pinto, the newly appointed Assistant Director of KDDC, Karwar and Sr. Nancy Lobo as Joint Secretary, Commission for Social Concern & Development. He requested all the members to actively participate in the meeting, evaluate the reports being presented and give their valuable feed-back and suggestions which would help in making the programs a success.

The Director/Secretary, KROSS read out the minutes of the previous meeting which were duly deliberated on and proposed to be passed. This was followed by presentation of the reports by the concerned Program Manager/Project Officers of the programs implemented by KROSS with the support of the Diocesan Social Service Societies throughout the state of Karnataka. The queries raised by the members were clarified and the feedback given by the members was accepted.

The meeting concluded with Most Rev. Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo – President, KROSS and Bishop of Udupi thanking the Director and Staff of CODP for their hospitality and arrangements for conducting the meeting. He also thanked the Diocesan Social Work Directors and the Board Members for their participation, suggestions and comments. He had a special word of appreciation for the Director, KROSS for the efforts put in to make the meeting a success. He also thanked the KROSS Staff for their presentations.

Rev. Fr. Sebastian Fernandes, Director, KROSS then thanked the President, KROSS for having spent his valuable time in presiding over the meeting and also all the Diocesan Social Work Directors and Board Members.