Training On Pranchayatraj Institutions & Good Governance – 15th and 16th March, 2018.

A Training on Panchayatraj Institutions and Good Governance was held at KROSS Resource Centre, Bengaluru on 15th & 16th March 2018 in which 41 participants from all over the State of Karnataka participated.

Mr. G. M. Varghese, Program Officer in his introductory remarks explained how the PRI Act came into force and the need for good governance.

Ms Yamuna and Team who facilitated the two days’ training quoted the acts, rules and amendments brought in by the Government and how we should use the tools like Right to Information, Citizen’s Charter, Consumer Protection Right, Sakala, etc. to keep the administration on its toes and see that good governance becomes a reality.  They reminded the participants that unless & until they made a genuine effort to attend the Ward / Gram Sabha and Social Audit along with the villagers, we will not be able to usher in the good governance at the grassroots and the development needed.

Mr. Stanley Fernandes, Sampada Udupi welcomed the participants and proposed the vote of thanks. Mr. Rajendra, BDSSS, Belagavi moderated the sessions.