Workshop On Global Warming, Climate Change And Organic Farming – 14th March 2018

A Workshop on Global Warming, Climate Change and Organic Farming was organized at KROSS Resource Centre, Bengaluru on 14th March 2018 in which 41 participants from the State of Karnataka participated.

Mr. Tony D’souza, KDDC, Karwar welcomed the Resource Person, Dr. M. Rajashekar, Retd. Professor, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru and the participants.

The Resource Person explained to the participants with examples how Climate change is the biggest environmental and humanitarian crisis of our time as the earth’s atmosphere is over-loaded with carbon dioxide which is the cause of extreme weather and large scale disruption in climate which should spur us to use clean energy for our day to day needs. This also has an adverse effect on our health but few people are aware of it. 

He then took up the subject organic farming and explained how down the ages, agriculture was synonymous with organic farming but with increasing population and decreasing yield the Government ushered in the Green Revolution without proper check and measures leading to indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides which definitely gave a short term result in producing food grain beyond our needs but leading to soil degradation, water and environment pollution, over exploitation of ground water and leaching.

The Workshop concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Tony D’souza, KDDC, Karwar.