Review of Program – Women in Micro Enterprises & Training – 25th & 26th May, 2015.

The Government has brought in many poverty alleviation schemes which do benefit several people but do these schemes reach the most marginalized poor women in the rural areas is the question before us. To us as a NGO the challenge lies in seeing that the poorest of the poor woman is able to make both ends meet and we at grassroots level should identify such women and see that the benefits of our program “Women in Micro Enterprises” reaches them to alleviate them from the grinding poverty they face. Poverty alleviation can only happen through promotion of economic growth by means of Skill Development & Micro Enterprises which will permanently lift as many people as possible over poverty line said Rev. Fr. Sebastian Fernandes, Director, KROSS in his address to the participants who had come from all over Karnataka for the program conducted at KROSS Resource Centre on 25th & 26th May, 2015.

Two trainings were conducted for the participants, one on Pisciculture (controlled breeding and rearing of fish) & Poultry Farming which was facilitated by Dr. Rajashekar and the other on MGNREGA explaining to them the salient features of the Act and asking the participants to enroll as many people as possible under this scheme so that they get guaranteed wages for at least 100 days in a year which was facilitated by Adv. G. M. Varghese.

The participants were welcomed by Ms Annie Anitha, Manager -SAMRUDI UPLIFTMENT FOUNDATION and the vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Harry Lobo, BDSSS.