Review of Program “Paustik” & Training On Mitigating Malnutrition

Review of Program “Paustik” & Training On Mitigating Malnutrition – 27th & 28th July 2015.

The program commenced with screening of a five minute film showing the adverse effect malnutrition has on children especially in the African Continent.

The period between conception and a child’s 2nd birthday is a critical time for health intervention but the period of adolescence, particularly in girls between the age of 10 and 19 years is the tipping point for health as this is the stage beginning to adulthood when behavioural, biological and social health becomes paramount because of potential impact on long term health of women especially during child bearing stage said Rev. Fr. Sebastian Fernandes, Director, KROSS in his inaugural address.

Mr. Rajashekar, Program Officer – NRM, KROSS provided a glimpse of the local available herbal plants which not only helped in medication but quite of few which had nutritional value which could be used to build immunity.

Mr. Krishnamurthy who facilitated the training on mitigating malnutrition explained to the participants on the need for building up a network with Government Departments as this malaise had to be tackled from different angles for which we need the support of all Government Agencies, how to identify and keep record of a malnourished child and see that the child comes to a normal stage and what how to counsel a pregnant women so that she takes precaution and assist her for institutional delivery so that the health of both mother and child can be monitored and preventive measures initiated right from the day the child is born.

The participants who had come from North Karnataka Region expressed that the inputs provided to them will be useful in implementing the program and were hopeful that community resilience could be built to mitigate malnutrition.

Mr. G. M. Varghese, Program Officer – PAUSTIK, KROSS welcomed the participants and moderated the two days program.