Cross Learning from Field Visits

The Field Staff of Bangalore Multipurpose Social Service Society (BMSSS) working for the Women Empowerment Programme (WEP) supported by Miserior, Germany were on a cross learning and experience sharing to Arsikere, Hassan District where Chikmagalur Multipurpose Social Service Society CMSSS), Hassan is implementing the Women Empowerment Programme.

The exposure trip for 3 days (13th to 15th April 2014) helped both the teams to have cross learning and replicate the same in their respective work area. It was facilitated by CMSSS and BMSSS coordinated by Sr. Nancy Lobo, Program Officer, WEP.

At the end of the visit, the BMSSS field staff expressed that they were taken up by the commitment and dedication shown by the CMSSS staff in the field. They remarked that they had learnt more than they had shared as they now had the inspiration on how to work as a team and gained confidence to build rapport with the Self Help Group (SHG) Members and other stakeholders which they said would help them in strengthening the Self Help Groups, forming cluster level, taluk level and district level federations. They added that they were now in a position to motivate the SHG members to actively participate in all the programmes conducted by them and work towards empowering others in their villages.

Interaction between BMSSS & CMSSS staff

Interacting with children

Interacting with Woman Entrepreneur

Interacting with Villagers